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Terms of service at Dawa2i

The following terms and conditions represent a binding agreement between you and (Dawa2i), so we hope you read the following conditions carefully, when you use the website, this means that you agree to these terms and conditions that govern your use of the website, and in the event that you do not agree to these terms , You must stop the use of the website, and the phrases “Dawa2i” or “we” and their meanings refer to Dawa2i website; the owner and operator of the site, as the phrase site, website, refer to the services provided by Dawa2i, while the phrase ” you ” refers to the person who uses the website, or the entity represented by the person acting.

You are allowed to use the Dawa2i Website in the following cases:

You can form a binding contract in your jurisdiction.

Compliance with terms and conditions.

Give accurate and complete information when creating a user account.

Acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for using the website when logging in to Dawa2i.

Not to collect any personal information for commercial purposes including full name, address and e-mail.

Acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for providing your content, including conversations, profile information, links, images, other content,etc.,

Confirm that you have the necessary licenses, rights, powers, and approvals to use and authorize Dawa2i to use all trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other property rights in all entries to enable inclusion and use through Dawa2i website.

Granting each user of Dawa2i, whether using Dawa2i website or any application developed by a third party, a non-exclusive license to access your inputs through Dawa2i, use, reproduce, distribute and prepare products derived from it, display and execute such requests as authorized by Dawa2i website and under these terms of service.

You will not provide copyrighted material or subject to third party property rights, including privacy, publicity, commercial secrets, etc., unless you own these rights or have the appropriate permission from their rightful owner to provide those materials for recovery.

Confirm that we have the right to determine whether any of your entries are appropriate and in accordance with our terms of service, remove any or all of them, and terminate your account with or without prior notice. 

Your account and profile on Dawa2i

You will need to register by creating an account with us, and when creating an account or personal file on Dawa2i website, you agree to provide the registration information accurately and completely, and you will update that information if necessary, and that access to the application is not authorized by any person or other party . By using your registration information you are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use.

After registering, we will issue you a special account number with your phone number or email address (user ID). As for individuals and entities who access the website or use the services and their accounts have been previously terminated by Dawa2i, they are not allowed to register for an account, and you may not allow any of these People use your account on your behalf.

Dawa2i application relies on user IDs to determine if users of the application are allowed to do so, and if someone accesses the application using the user ID that we have issued to you, we will rely on this user ID, and we will assume that it really is you or your representative to use the application, so You are solely responsible for any access to the application or use of the service by anyone who uses your username, so please inform us immediately if you know that your username is used without a license

Rules for information and other content

When you use the application, you can publish and obtain access to different types of information and materials, which we call “content”, and the content also includes information and materials published on the application by you, so you agree not to modify the content published by others, as well as agree not to Posting or using any content in any form that violates the laws of the market, including, without limitation, the following:

Violation of the copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other intellectual property, or the property rights of others.

Violation of privacy, publicity, or any rights of third parties.

All that is unlawful, slanderous, racial discrimination, defamation, pornography, immorality, abuse, threat, harassment or encouragement of behavior that would be considered a criminal offense, leading to civil liability, violation of regulations, or anything inappropriate as determined by Dawa2i at our discretion.

Everything is false or inaccurate.

All that could harm our company, parent company, sister companies, affiliates, advertisers, or other parties.

Although we strive to implement these rules with all of our users, we may be exposed through the application or services to content that violates our policies or on the other hand an attack on the content, so the use of applications and services is at your own risk, and although we are not obligated, only We may terminate the accounts of these users and remove the content from the application if we find or suspect that those accounts or the content violates the terms of this agreement or the applicable agreement with the violating user, without taking any responsibility for the exposure of the content of the application whether it violates our content policies or Not.

If you provide comments to us, we may use and disclose such opinions for any purpose, according to these terms of service and privacy policy, you agree that any of these notes and any email we receive, becomes ours, and we may use your notes for marketing purposes or to add or amend our services without paying you concession fees or any other compensation. 

Confirm the purchase order

All requests received, will be confirmed and accepted through our Dawa2i app or website. 

Amendments and cancellations

We can accept modifications to orders by phone, website or application, provided the order is not out of stock or shipped. We will ensure that the request is subject to change as possible. Under any circumstances, and when there is not enough product required, we will strive to inform you in due time.

Delivery :

Dawa2i is happy to serve you all days of the week. The cost of delivery service may vary from one to another, we provide many ways of delivery. 

Payment method :

Payment is made either Cash on delivery (COD) or by using Zain Cash.

Please note that:

  • After using Zain Cash, final cost of your order is automatically deducted from Zain Cash.
  • If the amount in the wallet is not sufficient, its available balance will be used and then you can pay the rest in cash
  • After using Zain Cash, balance shall be used on your order and can’t be transferred back to your credit card.

Products fulfilled by Sellers:

Dawa2i is not an auction house nor a bank, and does not offer auction or banking services. Dawa2i is an online platform allowing for the sale and purchase of items between end-user sellers and buyers.

By providing the Wallet and COD payment facilities, Dawa2i is merely facilitating the making of online payments by buyers possible but Dawa2i is not involved in the process of buying and selling of such items on the platform.

All sales and purchases on the platform continue to be bipartite contracts between the buyer and the seller of an item(s) and Dawa2i is not responsible for any non-performance, breach or any other claim relating to or arising out of any contract entered into between any buyers and sellers, nor does dawa2i have any fiduciary duty to any user. You acknowledge and agree that dawa2i will hold your funds at your own risk.

Providing Feedback:

Dawa2i encourages users on the platform to provide feedback/rating after a transaction is closed.

You agree not to make comments that are not factual in nature including without limitation making any racist comments, using profanity, abusing another user, disrespecting another culture or any other derogatory or inappropriate comments.

You further agree not to post comments in order to solicit sales outside of the platform and not to display contact information of any person within any feedback.

And Dawa2i reserves the right to suspend, limit or withdraw your access to the platform.


If any clause of this User Agreement shall be deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, such clause shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses of this User Agreement.

This User Agreement (as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms of this User Agreement) sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between you and dawa2i with respect to the subject matter hereof.

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